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Interact 5170

What are we about.

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What are we about.

Post  DanhHuynh on Sat Sep 19, 2009 10:10 am

What is Interact Club?
Interact is a community service club that is the high school branch of Rotary International.

What do Interactors do?
Interactors do community service around the Bay Area, servicing all kinds of people. There Interactors of Interact District 5170 also raise funds for an international project. In the past, Interact 5170 has sent Interactors to international locations to help volunteer.

What has Interact done so far?
In the last 4 years, Interact 5170 has raised over a quarter of a million dollars to fund international projects.
05-06 $50,000+ for Pumpaid and Hurricane Katrina Relief
06-07 $50,000+ for Action Against Hunger
07-08 $90,000+ for children in Zimbabwe, Panama and Tibet
08-09 $80,000+ for Hydraid

Why should you join?
Everyone is welcome! It is a great opportunity to meet new people from across the Bay Area, country, and even the world! Plus, it's an easy way to fill those community service graduation requirements as well as community hours for college!

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